Monday’s Minute Challenge

Today I thought I’d try a different type of post, so I decided to do this fortnight’s Monday Minute Challenge from this website.  I had to include a star, a snowflake and barbed wire.  Here is my passage!


It was late at night.  She stepped out into the cold winter air and looked around her.  Surely this could not be happening to her?  Until last night, she had just been a normal human being, but then she received the message.  The one that had changed her life forever…

Dear Thalia,

We wish to inform you that doctors at our hospital have found a rare genetic mutation in your DNA which they want to meet with you about.  Please come to the hospital ASAP.


Doctor S. Clark

She read it over again.  How could this possibly have happened?  And to her of all people?  A snowflake settled on her nose, jolting her out of her thoughts, and reminding her that she should keep going or she may just freeze right there outside her front door.  She set off again, with only the moon and stars to guide her way.

She passed many buildings, some tall, some short, some long, some thin.  She passed the prison, with its coiling barbed wire, and shouts coming from behind the whitewashed walls.  To say she was nervous would be an understatement.  “What was I thinking, coming out at 1 am in the middle of December?” she whispered to herself.  For once, the sound of her own voice was soothing.


Hope you enjoyed!

xx Elly xx


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