Advent Challenge Day 5- Christmas at Hogwarts

Welcome to day 5 of my Advent Challenge!  So, being as obsessed with Harry Potter as I am, I thought it would be fun to write a post about what I think Christmas at Hogwarts would be like!

First of all, it would be a lot quieter than usual, as most students go home for the holidays, so you skip around the castle without fear of bumping into anyone.  You could also join up with a group of friends and sing Christmas songs wherever you go, and nobody would really mind, except maybe Filch (I feel like he would be a bit of a Scrooge).

Secondly, you could get presents delivered by owls!  Owls!! And that would be awesome.

I imagine that on Christmas morning, everyone in Hufflepuff who had stayed would wake up to find full stockings by the common room fire, and several presents, payed for by their fellow house members because, you know, Hufflepuffs like making people happy!

Our common room would also probably be decorated in festive colours, and everyone would work as a team to make it perfect!

And don’t get me started on the Great Hall, with all its decorations and huge Christmas trees!  I would probably spend most of my time there, staring at the pretty lights and other decorative items, and mingling with the other houses!

The headmaster/mistress would probably make a speech at some point, or lead some sort of Christmas service.  Then there would also be the food, and lots of it!  Mmmm…  I can just imagine myself sat at the table now, tucking into turkey, pigs in blankets, potatoes, and don’t forget Christmas cake.  Lots of Christmas cake.

Anyway, I feel that Christmas at Hogwarts would be amazing and magical for all (again, except Filch, who would probably hate having to clear up after it all)

xx Elly xx


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