Advent Challenge Day 1- The Hogwarts Houses and Stereotypes (Part 2)

The Hogwarts Houses and Stereotypes (Part 2)

Hello and welcome to part two of my blog post!  First, let’s recap the main stereotypes I mentioned before:

  • Gryffindors are the heroes and heroines of everything.
  • Slytherins are the evil masterminds.
  • Ravenclaws are stuck up.
  • Hufflepuffs are boring.

In this part, I will focus on Ravenclaw and my own house, Hufflepuff.  Also, as part of my Advent challenge I will have a helper on this post! 🙂  She is called Ella and she is in this colour. Oh, and she’s a Ravenclaw. Again, SPOILER ALERT! Let’s get started!


I personally think that Ravenclaws are not often stuck up, but then again I don’t know that many.  Of course, Gilderoy Lockhart was very stuck up and full of himself, but that’s one person.

Most of the ravenclaws I know (a lot, via the common room and all) are not in fact stuck up but they are smart and confident which can be perceived as stuck up sometimes. 🙂

Obviously, Ravenclaws are known for being really clever as well, but that is a fair stereotype in my opinion.  Being clever is, after all, one of the traits of Ravenclaw.  But what about Luna?

Luna is logical and that earned her a place in our house, she sees what others cannot and learns very fast.

Personally, I think that Luna has her own unique talents.  Hey, she was the only one to think where the lost Diadem could be!

She comes from a very unique family as well, which adds to it! From what we know her mother was a very experimental witch, and her father an eccentric to say the least!

I’m learning loads about Luna now!  Luna is sweet and a bit of a daydreamer, but that adds to her character.  Luna is awesome!!!

Yup!!! I know! She really did help Harry and the others in the DA and the BOH (Battle of Hogwarts)!

Overall, I have no problem with Ravenclaw, but we all know who to turn to if we don’t understand something!


Ah, my own dear house.  I have no idea why Hufflepuffs are considered boring or just ‘the leftovers’. I mean, we had Cedric Diggory and Hannah Abbott/ Longbottom.  And Tonks.  There’s no forgetting Tonks!  First let’s talk about Cedric though.

He was chosen to be in the Triwizard Tournament over everyone.  EVERYONE.  Sure, he was eventually murdered by Voldemort, but it’s Voldemort for goodness sake; what else do you expect?  And, instead of taking the cup for himself, he offered Harry the chance as he helped Cedric when he was injured.  This is one of Hufflepuff’s traits: fairness.

Now, onto Tonks.  Tonks was so awesome!  She could change her appearence whenever, and Lupin married her.  She even went to battle straight after giving birth, which is very brave of her.  And she had pink hair, which is amazing.  And Hannah Abbott was pretty amazing in the DA, and she went on to marry Neville.

Another awesome thing about Hufflepuff is our common room.  First of all, it is the only one to have a proper defence mechanism, which probably helped with the fact that it is the only common room never to be seen by an outsider.  Secondly, it is round and cosy, and made to look like a badger’s sett (house).  We also have patchwork quilts on our beds, which are probably hand made (what with Hufflepuffs being hardworking and all).

Anyway, I think it’s fair to say that Hufflepuffs are not boring!  Remember, Neville likes Hufflepuffs! 🙂


Thanks for reading my post!  Feel free to comment your ideas on any of the stereotypes!

xx Elly xx


5 thoughts on “Advent Challenge Day 1- The Hogwarts Houses and Stereotypes (Part 2)

  1. I’m in between griffindor and ravenclaw (mostly ravenclaw) and I’m not stuck up and I’m not brave as in like breaking rules brave
    the 2 worst stereotypes in my opinion is Hufflepuff and Slytherin
    -Hufflepuff is NOT boring or weak; kindness isn’t weakness!
    -Slytherins (most of them) aren’t evil… I know loads of pleasant Slytherins! In fact cunningness seems like a very good quality to have!
    (I know you just said all of this stuff before IDK why I wrote this, I guess I was just mad at these stereotypes!)

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