Christmas and Advent Challenge! (Suggestions needed)

So, as tomorrow is the start of Advent, I decided I would make a list of blogging topics that I plan to do. I will probably keep having to update this until it’s finished.  Here’s my earlier post that gives a very vague idea of what I was planning to do.

  1. Do a post with at least one other person (part two of my house stereotypes post)
  2. Winter themed Polyvore outfit
  3. A winter/ Christmas poem that I like
  4. Christmassy/ Wintry picture
  5. Christmas at Hogwarts- What I think it would be like.
  6. Unusual Christmas traditions from around the world
  7. Repost a post I like
  8. Anna‘s Christmas Tag!
  9. Christmas themed Polyvore outfit
  10. Interview someone about Christmas/Winter stuff
  11. Another Christmas/ Winter picture
  12. Polyvore- Hufflepuff Christmas Party
  13. Favourite Christmas songs
  14. Cheesiest/worst Christmas songs
  15. Christmas Party Polyvore
  16. Polyvore- Ravenclaw Christmas Party
  17. Cute Christmas animal picture
  18. Funny Christmas poem
  19. Polyvore- Slytherin Christmas Party
  20. The song that I wrote in a group in French (don’t ask)
  21. Christmas Baking
  22. Polyvore- Gryffindor Christmas Party
  23. My favourite films to watch around Christmas
  24. My Christmas tree

Also, if I can’t post one day, I will try to do two the next, or if that fails, I’ll just keep adding them up!  Also, feel free to participate as well if you have your own blog.

xx Elly xx


8 thoughts on “Christmas and Advent Challenge! (Suggestions needed)

  1. Ooh, kind of like an Advent NaBloPoMo? Cool! 🙂

    As for ideas: maybe your favourite Christmas traditions on one day? What your Christmas tree is like? Favourite books set around Christmas? Best/worst Christmas songs?

    Oops, I went a bit overboard there! Ah, well. Apologies for the slightly random suggestions. 🙂


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